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We've got spirit...

We've got spirit...

Last week we gave you looks
to show your purple pride,
but we know not all of you went to TCU,
so today we bring you other options to show
your school spirit!

But first...
a new arrival in the purple department for 
tomorrow's big game.  

And speaking of tomorrow's game...
if your blood runs more burnt orange...

If your colors lean 
more towards red,
or red and black...

Or maybe your blood is blue...

or maybe you would like to combine two of your favs...
your school spirit along with your favorite Carla top!

Go, Carla, Go!

Maybe green is your spirit color of choice...

Either way,
we have lots of great options
to have you looking stylish on the 
sidelines...or in your living room!


Tuesday THRU Friday
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.