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The Woods Trunk Show Continues....

The Woods Trunk Show Continues....

The Woods Fine Jewelry 
Trunk Show 

On-line and in store.

Save 15%
off all trunk show purchases.

Join us as we walk through some of our favorite pieces...

These sapphire and moonstone earrings are stunning!

Crazy about these statement necklaces!
The colors make us happy!

Beautiful with or without 
a pendant...

And speaking of pendants....

We have lots of great ones to choose from.
We have ones with some color and whimsy...

to a classic brass beauty....

to the perfect little layering pendant...

But this is just a glimpse at a few of our favs.

You can see the full selection
in store
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

or online

Also, please note that in keeping with 
with current mandates
and in an attempt to keep 
us all as safe as possible...

We are here to work with you
in whatever ways you feel comfortable.

And make sure to add our new 
cell phone number to your speed dial:


It's available for all
comments, questions, and requests 
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