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Mother's Day Gift Ideas Round 1

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Round 1

Mother's Day is now less than 
2 weeks away!
So, for the next few posts we will be sharing 
lots of gift ideas!

Mother's are always some of the hardest working people around,
(we might even say THE hardest, but maybe that's because we are Mom's:).
And this year, the job has doubled, tripled in size.
From teacher, to counselor, to chef, to all around 
chief juggler of all the crazy,
Mom's have more on their plate than ever!

But no worries, 
we are here to help you find the perfect little something to
honor her this Mother's Day!

Here are just a few ideas to kick off round 1 of ideas...


A Gigi Clozeau 18K with 3 diamonds,
the perfect little layering necklace.

Erica Kleiman gold fill bead layering bracelets
with diamond letters 

A cute little mix up of 
Eliza James Designs + Erica Kleiman
Mama Bear $28
Gold fill beads $45-55
Gold fill chain bracelet $75

Bret Lauren + Kori Green

Looking for something fine?
Our resident fine jewelry expert, Jo Latham, has us well stocked!

Mizuki $895

Layering rings..
prices and designers vary

signet ring $2900
X cigar band $1900

And now, newness from 
The Woods Fine Jewelry

pink tourmaline earrings $2860

pink opal and chalcedony

Opal earrings $1430
opal and emerald ring $2640

Cover page prices:
The Woods Fine Jewelry
turq earrings: $1100
pink and larimar earrings: $1660

Hope you enjoyed Round 1 of our Mother's Day Gift ideas!
As you know, there is so much more in the store than we could ever photograph,
so, during this time where in person shopping is a no, no, 
please do not hesitate to reach out!  

Whether you are looking for something for your Mom
or want to forward this to someone out there who might be looking for something for you,
we are here for you!