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Meet Reynolds

Meet Reynolds

Q&A with Reynolds...

Where were you born and raised?

Fort Worth, Texas


First retail job?

You Are Here:)

(And we count our blessings every day as she is responsible for our website!)


YAH start date?

March 2020


Where have you lived?

Only Fort Worth, I love being close to family and most of them are here.


Pets?  Kids?

I have a 5 year old son, Jaxon


And our sweet dog Finn


Favorite binge watch?

I love musicals and broadway shows so just watched Hamilton on Disney+ and absolutely loved!


What is your dream trip?

Italy with my mom and sisters


Favorite cocktail/restaurant?

I love a glass of wine and pasta on the patio at Piatello


Last concert you attended?

George Strait at Dickie’s!


Go-to personal style for everyday?

Jeans, sandals and a cute tee


Go-to style for fancy?

Black dress, heels and big earrings or bracelet



What are you most excited about with fall fashion?

All the this one from 360!



If you could walk out of the store with 5 items today,

what would they be?

Gigi Clozeau bracelet

PJ Harlow pajama set

Love this new top from Sea!

White Paris Texas wedges

This Clare V. purse just makes me happy!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Reynolds a little better!

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