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Gift Guide the Music Lover...

Gift Guide the Music Lover...

The first of many Gift Guides coming your way,

and up first are our thoughts for 

The Music Lover!

The Musical Oracles cards...

Now specifically,
for the girl who loves the 
Rolling Stones...

Fun jewelry

beaded coin purses

for the low key,
Woodstock vibe kind of girl...

Brent Neale mushrooms...
cute and collectable!

or any one of
these beautiful rings 
from M Spalten

For the classic 
rock and roll girl...

A diamond pheonix
paired with a mega paper clip chain...

Spark some joy
by gifting your rock and roll girl
either of these -
a Campbell + Charlotte pave bolt or 
bolts from Sorellina

for your 80s girl...

and for the girl
with a more country vibe...

Pair it with the 
Dolly Parton 
coffee table book!

a peek inside...