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A big announcement...

A big announcement...

Story time
plus a big announcement...

 Two months ago we got a phone call from our current Point of Sale provider explaining that it was time for us to upgrade.
The sales pitch was grim.
In short,
pay more money and have to learn everything all over again.
And you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks ;)
Just as we were about to say,
no thank you...
 he pulled out the big guns...
the next part of the sales pitch included an opportunity to tie in e-commerce.
Hmmm, cue Joanna and Anne Walker perking up!
E-commerce was something we had been thinking/dreaming about for a WHILE but the inventory maintenance was what had held us back!
So THIS was a game changer!
We gave the thumbs up and said,
Sure, Let's go for it!
We hung up the phone and laughed that in typical YAH fashion we impulsively committed to a MAJOR undertaking with no "real" plan or knowledge of websites!
After all, we use terms like "giggabertz" when having to talk about the internets! 

At our next meeting,
we realized that a long time family friend of Joanna's was the perfect person to approach to help us with this project.
So, we called her, out of the blue, and offered her a job!
And she said YES...Yay and Phew!

On March 3 we switched to the new system.
Gave ourselves 1 week to get "comfortable".
And March 9 started moving forward with the website.
And then,
Corona happened!
we pushed forward at 100 mph and we are excited to announce...

It's LIVE!

It won't have everything and it won't be as perfect as we would like, but we are so excited and please know that we will keep adding and tweaking!

Welcome to our new website!
We are glad that You Are Here!